Imbolc this year falls on February 3rd at 3:57pm GMT, though celebrations of Imbolc can be performed throughout this weekend and into Monday.

My Imbolc tradition is to refresh my spiritual altar. As some of you may not have a spiritual altar (yet), I thought I would make a post regarding consecrating a space for an altar – which fits in nicely with me this year, as I have a brand new space in a corner that was previously used for storage.

People tend to think consecration is difficult, complicated or can’t be done by “mere mortals”, none of which is true. It’s simply about dedicating a space to the sacred, to the spiritual side of life.

First, cleanse the space – physically and then energetically. Energetic cleansing can include fire cleansing using t-lite candles; air cleansing using incense or smudge; sound cleansing using a bell, singing bowl, gong or spiritual music; angel cleansing using angel sprays or asking the angels to clear the space (Archangel Jophiel would particularly love to help you with this); or you can visualise it bathed in white light energy. This frees it of any negative energy it may previously have held due to being cluttered, or in the vicinity of negative emotion.

You can say a simple dedication (or write it down and place it under a lit candle) over the space such as “I now dedicate this space to the Highest Good, and fill it with my love, light and compassion, So mote it be/Amen.” If you wish, you can also say a prayer over the space. If doing this at Imbolc you may wish to search for an Imbolc prayer online, or you could use a favourite prayer or a well-known prayer of great power. The lightworker’s prayer for a new dawn posted further back on my blog would also be a good choice.

Once this is done, you can begin assembling your altar. As I am using incense for cleansing, I am doing this step today and will likely create the altar on Saturday.

Should you wish to start before me…An altar contains items which are magnets for spirit, for your angels, guides, loved ones who may be watching over you, faeries or ascended masters. It creates a corner which is filled with your love, your hopes, your dreams which sends light out into the universe and simultaneously attracts light beings to you and your home.  Traditionally, Pagans will include at least one item which relates to each element: earth (for example crystals, flowers); air (for example incense, athame); fire (for example candles, dragons); water (for example chalice, shells) and ether or spirit (for example, faery/angel ornaments, or personal gifts which carry your energy signature). However I don’t stick to this religiously and tend to choose items by intuition: over the years I have accrued a great many items which I tend to rotate while adding in new things. It is also traditional to have something placed on the altar which honours the season. I tend to have an offering bowl which may include, for example, flowers for spring, shells for summer, pine cones for autumn, cinnamon sticks for winter, or pot pourri which reflects the season. However, coloured candles or a coloured cloth could also represent the energy of the season.

What matters most is that you include a mixture of things which represent your spirituality as it manifests at the current moment in time.  My highest concerns at this time are love, romance and spiritual development, and I am especially called to work with Archangel Metatron who works magical spiritual healing through sacred geometric shapes. So my altar will definitely include elements relating to love, romance and spring, and a brand new crystal wand which should be making its way to me as we speak which incorporates the platonic solids in clear quartz, as well as the crystal merkaba I already have and an Angel essential oil blend a kind friend has bought for me as a surprise gift.

If you decide to create an altar for Imbolc, have fun with it and be creative. Brightest blessings of the season.

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael, January 2013 ~


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