Positive Affirmation Power

I am always saying thought creates reality, so think positive.

I 100% believe this statement. I can see before me a world of vibration in which every little thing affects every little thing else. I can definitely understand how those things I dwell most on in my mind come to pass, whether they be positive and impossible-seeming dreams such as meeting someone I admire, or unspoken worries and fears such as having a difficult childbirth. I have seen things on both ends of this spectrum manifest in my life.

The tricky part about the law of attraction in any of its forms is that the human experience is rooted in learning about two forces: fear and love. When we focus on the love, we attract wonderful things into our lives. But it’s very, very difficult not to focus on fear. It takes a strong person to cast their fears completely aside and delve into the unknown. Even a strong person isn’t immune from those nagging apprehensive thoughts that stop a lot of us, a lot of the time, from achieving our dreams, or from sustaining a sense of peace.

So it’s not about “I caused this negative thing to happen in my life because I think negatively.”

Rather it’s a case of “This negative thing has happened in my life and it is a source of learning for my soul’s growth. It’s a reminder that I must focus on love and not fear. It’s a reminder that I need to fill my heart and mind more with uplifting and positive thoughts.”

Every positive thought is thousands of times more powerful than negative thoughts. So when negative thoughts arise, replacing them with positive thoughts not only attracts positivity to you – it can even, in the right quantities, cancel out the negativity that may previously have begun to be attracted to you.

Our brains, to some extent, work like super-computers. So why not give them a new program to focus on?

Affirmations are a simple, but powerful, form of positivity program. They are easy to put together and learn. They take very little time to do each day. They should be personal to you, according to which positive qualities you feel you need more of in your life at any one time. This is where I AM affirmations come in. I AM affirmations are easy to remember, and all the more powerful for their short, sharp pattern brings clarity. I AM is a powerful statement in itself, a statement of co-creation with God, a statement of your divine nature. Give the I AM, and you are drawing up a blueprint for your soul.

One of my current lessons is to think myself well. I have niggling health issues which have gone on, overall, for years, and they hold me back because of the lack of energy, confidence and motivation that they bring. I may HAVE these issues, but I am not these issues. I am a strong and magnificent soul, and I am currently, thanks to a wise friend setting me on this course, using I AM affirmations to reprogram my thinking so that my body reflects the strength of my spirit.

Affirmations work best said in repetitions of three, three being a mystical number in many traditions, including the Holy Trinity of Christianity and the Triquetra of Paganism. So I give my chosen, tailor-made string of I AM affirmations in groups of nine (3 x 3), whenever I catch myself thinking negatively about my physical wellbeing. I AM healthy, I AM strong, I AM whole, I AM healed, I AM immune.

As I have already noticed I am feeling less tired and achy after just over a week of this practice, I have added other affirmations I feel I need at present to my armoury: I AM growth, I AM abundance, I AM love, I AM joy, I AM truth, I AM peace. And again I say them in groups of nine whenever I catch myself thinking negatively about those aspects of my life.

I AM affirmations are so versatile, you can use any of these in any combination and add or use any other positive quality: gratitude, courage, happiness, passion, motivation, wisdom, talent, harmony, beauty, relaxation, intelligence, fun…the list is endless. You can say, whisper, think, or write them. You can stick them up on post-its around your house and do your practice whenever you see them, or do them morning and night ritualistically. You can pick a time to do them when you are doing mundane tasks such as walking to the shops, doing the washing-up or driving a route you know well.

It may seem too little, too easy or too simple – but if it’s little, easy and simple then it’s worth a try as it won’t cost you anything – and you might just be amazed at the difference they do make.

Thought creates reality. Think positive.

Feel free to adopt this positive thinking blinkie. These are my words and the blinkie was custom made for me.


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