The Angel Said

Trust in me, the angel said,

I am the light on the path you tread.

I am the dream you can’t forget;

I am the helpful stranger you once met.

I am the bursts of joy inside your heart –

I am the glimpse of beauty in a work of art.

I am the one who clears your way…

I am the urge within to dance and play.

I am the bolt of wisdom from the blue!

I am the guide who always walks with you.

Trust in me, the angel said.

I AM the secret, gentle whispers inside your head.

~ Silverla StMichael with Archangel Sandalphon ~

How often do you remember to ask the angels for help?

I have been remembering on a daily basis these last few days. It’s nothing short of miraculous. I have had synchronicity follow synchronicity and inspiration follow inspiration. I have “known what to do” within seconds of asking the question. I have had answers to my prayers – albeit small and sometimes tongue-in-cheek ones, as the angels are wont to make a little mischief – unfold within minutes. The veil has thinned. It is more important than ever to ask the angels for help, because they are closer than you think and more able to intervene on our behalf than ever before. I would be interested to hear of your experiences on my FB page should you choose to pick up this gauntlet!

~ Poem and prose: Copyright Silverla St Michael with Archangel Sandalphon, January 2013 ~


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