Sacred Geometric Shape Cakes

Recently I have been very drawn to sacred geometric shapes. The first time I really thought about shapes as an energy in their own right was when I read Diana Cooper’s The Wonder of Unicorns. In this book it is suggested that unicorns and angels, among other beings in the ascended realms, send us energy in the form of sacred geometric shapes all the time. They are able to see the shapes visibly, where those of us who live in the third and fourth dimensions cannot.

However, following the 2012 energy shifts, I believe this is an important idea to look more into at this time. I believe I have begun to perceive, if not see, the energy of these shapes, which include the merkaba (or Star of David), Metatron’s cube (or Metatron’s star), pentagram (or five-pointed star), heart, infinity loop, spiral, circle, as well as the platonic solids including the cube, octahedron (solid diamond) and dodecahedron.

They are healing, they are powerful and they are magickal. Make a conscious effort to accept any shapes which beings of the fifth dimension may be sending you today.

Now onto the sacred geometric shape cakes. Recently I kept an interesting magazine article regarding adding magick to the baking process by making sacred healing signs over cake mixture prior to baking. When you think about it, baking is a transformative process. Often, magick works via a transformative process, such as burning down a candle, in its most simple form. It stands to reason then that baking can be used in a magickal way. The article I read suggested using reiki symbols as the sign to infuse the cakes with gentle healing for all those who ate them.

I set about baking with my son one day simply because it’s something he loves, and it occurred to me that sacred geometric shapes can be used in the same way. I traced a pentacle – the five-pointed star enclosed in a circle – into the mixture, and also into the melted chocolate I used to decorate the cake. I did this three times: three is a magickal number in itself and feels to me like completion. As I did so, I made my wish that everyone who would eat the cake would receive magickal blessings and the protection of the pentacle. You could do this with any cake recipe you wish – you can find them in abundance on the internet – we simply made fairy cakes.

I have eaten a few of them myself and I have to say I am going through something of a spiritual shift and a run of intriguing synchronicities this week.

You could apply any geometric shape to this process – the heart if you wish to attract love, for example, the spiral for spiritual development, the circle for wholeness and healing. What a wonderful addition to any party feast or a value-added gift for a treasured friend.

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael January 2013 ~

Not just a pretty cake...

Not just a pretty cake…


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