Happy New Era

So 2012 is past, and along with it, the end of an era.

2013 is truly a new start, in a more meaningful way than any new year before in our lifetime.

It’s time to let go of the old and ring in the new. Here are some ways you can let go of those things that no longer serve you:

  • Write a list of the people, situations and circumstances in your life which you want to break away from. You then need to symbolically put this in your past. Burning the list brings fire cleansing; sending the list away down a river, stream or in the ocean in a container that floats brings water cleansing.
  • If there is something “big” in your life that needs to change or leave, such as a job, a person close to you, a home, a grudge, or an integral part of your personality, choose a natural object to represent it. Hold the natural object while thinking through all the negative feelings you have about it. Take a walk. Leave the natural object en route, in whatever place feels appropriate. Intend that as you leave the natural object, you also leave behind this negative feature of your life. Energetically, you are setting the blueprint for it to change, heal or lift.
  • Inscribe a negative feeling or force you feel is present in your life into a black candle: it could be quite general such as “bad luck” or very specific such as “regret”. Burn down the candle. Bury the stump. Symbolically you are purging and laying to rest that energy as an influence in your life.

These rituals are best done on a waning or new moon but if your heartfelt intention is to leave negative energies in your past it should work regardless. You may wish to carry a protective crystal, such as hematite, black tourmaline, pyrite, clear quartz or moldavite, on your person after doing this work in order to prevent any further negativity becoming embedded in your energy field.

Happy new era to one and all. This is the time to make manifest your dreams.

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael January 2013 ~


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