Deck The Halls…

Budget friendly, eco friendly style…perfect for my nature-lovin’ tendencies. I saw this fab idea on Pinterest and thought I would give it a go. We do something slightly different each year, and have a purple/silver/white/pink/blue set of decorations and a green/gold/red/orange/cream set of decorations. This year, we are having a smallish real tree and on that we will use the former, which are slightly nicer, more expensive, mostly glass ornaments. So when I saw this idea I thought I would use the second “cheap and cheerful” set to make table decorations for the dining area. Discount store fishbowl vases and ornaments that otherwise wouldn’t have been used…why spend on live or even plastic arrangements for the table when you can have these? Festive decorations bring such a sense of magick and occasion, so it will be great to have some in both main rooms in the house.

I tried it a few ways and found that the best was to put larger baubles in the bottom, then some small ones to fill up gaps. Medium sized baubles or other shapes next, again with small ones to fill up gaps. It so happened that we had the felt stars, reindeer and also Christmas trees which you can’t see on the photos, which slotted neatly down the side – and the plastic holly is the cherry on the cake – you could also do it with real holly or a sprig of tinsel of course!

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael December 2012 ~


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