Love Poems – A Retrospective

22nd February has long been a power date for me. Coming right after Valentine’s Day, it seems a good day to express love to the universe. Countless types of love are expressed within the confines of these three verses – soulmate love, twin flame love, unconditional love, romantic love, forever love, passionate love, past life love, requited and unrequited love, fate, destiny, desire, hope, hopelessness, surrender, power. But above all else, love is love, and that is all, and love, as the song goes, is all we need.


He’s the reason I smile while I’m waking up
With his sweet words from the night before
In my heart; and in my mind, continued dreams
Roll on, and my spirit can soar.

He’s the warmth deep within, and my tingling skin
Speaks how I never wanted anyone so much
As him; Nothing else matters when I am in
His arms. He had me at the very first touch.

He’s the feeling I really could be beautiful,
That I matter, and that I am free
To choose my dreams, my destiny and my path
Knowing he would still walk with me.

He’s the protection I needed to bring real peace
To my heart, and quiet my chaos of fears;
The inspiration to be a better person, and cease
Doubting myself. And so the mist clears.

He’s the thought that brings hope when a hard day
Comes, and the song in my soul that grows;
I love that this man I admire and adore
Cares right back, and makes damn sure it shows.

But more than all this – he adds light to my light
And it blazes fierce when we’re apart.
He is the man who holds me close each night
Whether in his arms, or in his heart.


By the fire, crackling with warmth

We kept each other cool

Hands locking in the soft breeze

Eyes woven in a timeless pattern

Gentle for each other, dark lace

In another place.


Intelligent, your eyes spoke for your soul

You were nobody’s fool

Pretty words of love for infinity

Your thoughts raced ahead in time

Strong with a heart that knew no fear

In another year.


Beautiful moments, enclosed in the smoky air

Where music and silence rule

Fretful fingers wove flowers in my hair

As tender as the touch of the wind

Blazing love bled me like a knife

In another life.



No sonnet to hold the magic of feeling,
A trembling tenderness in my soul delights –
A shadowing sonnet to reflect the lights,
The beauty, the beauty, of ever believing.
No sadness to spoil the depth of compassion,
A freedom so simple, though love lives still –
A flyaway sonnet to soar with the thrill,
The release, the escape, of all love and all passion.
No days and no years could cut its throat,
A timeless emotion that cannot know never,
That can never quite give enough.
No cymbals for us with one splendid note –
A tambourine sonnet for you, forever
For the soft steady shake of this love.

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael ~

A Smorgasbord of Shells…

Who says that holiday souvenirs had to be boring?

Having been away to Wales this last week – with short spiritual journeys aplenty which I will write about separately – I collected quite a number of unusual shells at Portmeirion and Shell Island in Harlech.

As I had been looking to refresh my spiritual altar areas for a while, I decided to go to the local car boot sale this morning to look for receptacles in which to display the shells, and I was not disappointed…Just thought I’d quickly share to show it is possible to create beautiful memory-triggering things for your home with very little.


Pink plates were 50p for the two because of a chip in the centre of the larger plate, obviously not visible because of the shells and the smaller plate. Animal print candles were 50p for the set. Shells were obviously free!


Gold lotus bowl with stones inscribed with Chinese characters included was also 50p due to a chip on one edge which is now not visible behind the shells and which could easily be repaired with a small amount of gold paint or a good quality gold paint pen.

I have my creative moments. This was one of my better ones. ;)

More to come soon on why beachcombing is good for the soul, fae and folklore, and a sentimental journey around Welsh castle country.

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael 2013 ~

Walking Meditations

If you are anything like me, you may sincerely wish to develop yourself spiritually but have little time to set aside on a daily basis for earnest meditation. I know that when I get chance to sit down and meditate in the usual sense of the word, which is not daily, I am either too tired, or know there is too much else needing to be done, to be in the headspace to do it properly. I either fall asleep, or am distracted and have to stop and do some of the things nagging at my mind.

For some time now, part of my daily practice has involved trying to take a walk. This is about a number of things: connecting with nature, getting fresh air and a change of scene for myself and my baby daughter, and getting a modest amount of gentle exercise. I have been pondering on how I could incorporate meditation into my life more regularly, and my answer to that question, which came via pure intuition, turned out to be to combine it with that daily walk.

There is something rhythmic and automatic about walking. When I walk I am inevitably thinking about other things; however, as the walk itself has a practical purpose, whether I am taking my daughter to the park or popping to the shop for groceries, I am not distracted by thoughts of “other things I should be doing” from my to-do list – usually, I am ruminating on my current questions, ideas or plans.


I began to experiment with turning the walk into a meditation. I am lucky where I live in that there are lots of tree-lined paths and paths that cut through fields or still-green wasteland, or maintained parkland. However you could potentially do this anywhere – even in cities there are green spots, trees, beautiful architecture, and interesting sights to see which are all part of creation whether natural or man-made. Personally I find that by focusing on trees, flowers, grass, sky and the wildlife I see enjoying them, I am becoming present in the now, and clear ideas and answers sometimes come to mind; at other times, I am filled with more peace and calm, more assurance that I am on the right path.


I start the walk with gratitudes for the day and asking questions of my angels and guides which are current. I then “let go” of that to the higher beings and focus on appreciating nature. Where answers are forthcoming, they come in a myriad of ways and it really is a daily miracle. I may see a particular animal, for example a bee or a butterfly, a cat or a bird, whose “medicine” has a message for me. I may hear or feel a gentle breeze and be assured that my angels are listening and will bring me an answer at a later time. Sometimes it comes as an intuition, directly into my thoughts but of a voice other than mine. If I have negativity to release, I will point my fingers out and send it towards the green plants, as they are able to transmute it back to pure white light energy, just as they transmute carbon dioxide back to oxygen. Once I begin to drift out of that “tuned-in” state, I finish the walk with I AM affirmations, which relate to whichever qualities I need to tap into that day.


In this way, this method is flexible and responsive to what I need right here, right now. There are many variations you could apply to suit your own needs – you may prefer to start and end with a prayer. You may wish to take a camera or notebook to record signs or inspiring scenes you encounter. You may prefer to mix up the order in which I do things. You may wish to include fiats (short sharp requests to angels or saints) or decrees (powerful statements of creation to the universe). You may wish to listen to spiritual or classical music or a spoken meditation on an iPod as you walk. Mix it up – it doesn’t matter. This is one form of meditation you can make your own. It can also be done in any weather with appropriate clothing. The only thing I would caution against is becoming so involved in your thoughts that you don’t pay attention to road safety. I am lucky in that the places I tend to walk there are few roads. But you can stay safe by simply coming to full awareness of what you are physically doing when there is need to cross a road. Because with a walking meditation it is mindful at all times and your eyes are open, so there is not the same risk of falling asleep or “drifting”.

I have found since starting to do this that synchronicity has been more at work in my life, leading me to people, places, situations and messages that are literally “clues” to questions I have had in my mind. I am also finding that the experience is incremental, and with each practice it becomes more powerful. This week during a walking meditation, at a moment of real peace and calm where baby had fallen asleep in her pushchair and I was sitting and resting surrounded by trees, ducks, water, grass and birds, I felt fully in touch with my angels and guides. I put the question out there whether any of them had a message for my “Angel Message of the Day” over on the FB page, and had an immediate impression of the Ascended Master Lord Sananda (Jesus) in my mind’s eye followed by a short but beautiful message that simply “came”. I repeated it back to him and then back to myself in my mind to ensure I would not forget before reaching home and my laptop (I did not forget). I also received healing and felt him working on my crown chakra. An experience I will never forget.


So if you are, like me, one of those people who finds traditional meditation very hard to commit to in practice, this may be something you wish to consider. I find that doing this at least 2-3 times per week makes a real difference in my life.

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael 2013 ~

Pictures, also taken by Silverla StMichael in 2009, are of Pennington Flash Country Park in Lancashire – just one place local to me which is abundant in greenery and wildlife.

Ground and Cleanse, Centre and Protect

For those of us who are involved in spiritual work on a daily or near daily basis, the basics are so important, and yet so easily forgotten.

I have recently had to re-think my practice of daily grounding, cleansing and protecting because I simply was not staying grounded when doing my channelling and reading work. It is so important for your own health and energy levels, because working on a spiritual level without doing these basic things can mean your energy is drained, your head becomes too in the clouds and your practice unpractical, your aura and energy body is attacked by negativity or needy people or entities attracted to your light. If you feel you constantly have health niggles, run out of energy, feel down, under attack from clients or have started to resent your work, the chances are you simply need to re-think your practice of these spiritual basics.

I wanted to offer a round-up of the practices that have worked for me in the past as I have worked at different levels, and the practices that work for me now. If you think of it in terms of the higher vibrations you are working with, the more potential dangers there are, when you “step up” psychically or spiritually, you also need to “step up” your grounding and protection rituals.


If you are working on yourself through prayer, meditation, or practising blossoming spiritual gifts, you need to put in place some basic grounding, cleansing and protection. This will keep you rooted in earthly reality and avoid physical burnout or energy drain, as well as ensuring you are regularly addressing any negative energies so they do not “build up” in your energy field.

For grounding, visualise tree roots going down deep, deep into the core of the earth. Take a little time to do this in the morning with the soles of your feet firmly touching the floor – barefoot is even better. Keep grounded throughout the day by drinking plenty of water, and after any spiritual activity, if you feel a little “floaty” re-do the visualisation or rub your ankles and feet to re-anchor yourself in earthly reality.

For cleansing, you can visualise rainbow, white, or golden lights showering over you, or entering your system at your crown chakra and working their way down. This is doubly effective when done in the shower as you have the physical and spiritual cleansing of the water mirroring the energetic healing lights. This is best done at the start of the day and then again at the end when you return to your home and shut out the wider world where you may have picked up negative energies.

For protection, you can call on Archangel Michael and/or visualise a layer of protection around yourself. Some people favour a solid gold orb encapsulating your aura and energy field as well as your body. Others think of it as a forcefield, or a bodysuit they zip up and down. Personally I prefer to visualise a silver suit of armour which is to do with a past life vision; gold would also be suitable. This needs to be done at least every time you do some sort of spiritual activity – it is most effective done daily.


When you begin sharing your light and giving readings, healing, or spiritual advice to other people within your circle, a subtle step-up is required. The way Archangel Gabriel has me understand this is that if you are interacting with people on a spiritual level, you are far more susceptible to picking up on their own emotions and spiritual energies, including the negative ones. At this level, centering is also advisable, since people can sometimes literally “throw you off balance” with strong energies. This is where I went wrong at one point and when I needed to step things up again, because this practice was not in place I still felt drained of energy and vulnerable.

As well as using the methods above on a daily basis, for centering, you need to close your eyes and focus your attention on your centre. You can visualise your heart centre, and for a lot of us this may be the easiest, as we have the sacred shape of the heart to focus on to and easily understand where this is in terms of our body. Visualise white light surrounding that area and continue to focus on it for a few minutes. Alternatively you can focus on your third eye (the very centre of your forehead and just a little above your eyebrows) to centre yourself, or hold a balancing and centering crystal such as citrine or amber.


When you cast your net wider and want to reach more people in the world with the spiritual gifts you offer, perhaps when you reach the point of having a web presence, leading a class or workshop, or offering paid services, you are literally at the level of spreading your light on earth. Your actions are going to cause you to come into contact with a greater variety of people rather than people within your circle, whose energies you are somewhat acclimatised to. You may also be consorting with higher beings or energies, spirit, or your higher self more frequently, which means your grounding needs to be more like a very firm anchoring. At this level it is essential to have a daily practice before entering the arena or the workspace where you may come into energetic contact with potential clients. Otherwise, and I speak from experience, burnout will follow, and your abilities may be shaded or compromised as a result.

The way I have found I can anchor myself is by combining grounding practices to make them stronger and longer-lasting. I try to take a walk each day somewhere amongst greenery. If possible, I will also stand barefoot and let my feet touch the earth or grass. I find that focusing on the firmament of our planet anchors me to it far more strongly and tangibly than simply visualising. If for any reason I am unable to take a walk or sit in the garden on a particular day, however, I will do the root visualisation described above while holding a grounding crystal. I will also place a grounding crystal on the table while reading or channelling. Grounding crystals and minerals include but are not limited to: shaman stones, boji stones, lingam stones, smokey quartz, hematite, black tourmaline, black obsidian, pyrite, fulgurite, garnet, ruby and red jasper. You may need to experiment with how different stones make you feel to know which is the right grounding stone for you, and generally speaking, black, brown or red crystals are suitable for this purpose as they strengthen the base or root chakra.

The protection also needs to be stronger. The way I see it is this. If I am to be a spiritual warrior I need to armour myself. There are negative energies and entities out there. I do not know when I log on each day if I am going to get a reading request from someone who is unknowingly harbouring negative energies or attracting negative entities, and there is always a possibility that they will be attracted to my light and latch on to me. Therefore, before I begin any work and even on non-working days, I ask for spiritual protection from Archangel Michael, my angels and guides. I back this up by visualising my silver suit of armour AND a solid gold angelic orb around my aura. If I have less time, I verbally request to invoke “the golden shield”. The angels know what you mean by that term and will protect you. You can also carry protective crystals or minerals, which include smokey quartz, hematite, black tourmaline, black obsidian, pyrite, garnet, ruby, clear quartz, rose quartz (protects the heart), malachite, moldavite, citrine, amber and amethyst. Again, it is not “one size fits all” and you may need to experiment. If unsure, amethyst is the most widely used stone for protection and favoured by a lot of people.

I hope this is helpful, and leave you with two questions:

- Which level of grounding and protection do you need right now?

- What have you done about it today?

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael 2013 ~

Are readings for everyone?

A conversation with an old friend recently got me thinking: Are readings for everyone?

She is not the first person who has approached me, very interested in having an angel reading, but unsure whether in doing so they would be doing something evil, dabbling in the occult or things they don’t understand, or something that goes against their religion.

Well, it is fair to say that some religious institutions may frown upon some divination methods, particularly those that seek to predict or influence future events. However, I have always thought that this is likely a lot to do with misunderstanding.

The tarot particularly has such connotations for some. Granted, some of the images on tarot cards are quite grisly and construed by many as having negative meanings, such as the Death card, or the Tower card, which seem to represent impending doom or disaster. You’ll find, though, that most reputable readers will explain the meanings are not necessarily negative, and may indicate times of change or challenge; many readers choose not to predict death, serious illness or disaster at all, myself included, because they do not believe it is in the person’s highest good to know.

Oracle cards, which I use, are 100% positive and uplifting. There are no cards with negative connotations. All of the messages beam out love and light. Indications of change or challenge still come through within the reading itself, when I am channelling, but often tempered with the positive outcomes which will result from them, and guidance to help the person through that obstacle as smoothly as possible.

I cannot speak for every angel reader, but my angel readings are really focused on spiritual guidance. Details that come through tend to be more about what’s going on for the person in the here and now, and revealing solutions or new avenues to try from a spiritual perspective. There are usually a few “future glimpses”, but I explain to people that these are never set in stone – they still have their own choices and decisions to make and our trajectories are fluid, ever-changing as we twist and turn in our actions, thoughts and beliefs in the eternal spiritual dance. I also emphasise that decisions should never be made on the strength of a spiritual reading and that it is more a means of confirmation of what they already think and feel.

Furthermore, angels themselves (and ascended masters for that matter) are beings of love and light. You don’t necessarily need to believe in them in order to have a reading – having a reading could be an interesting experience, and make you think about your beliefs. They are in God’s service, and they do not belong exclusively to one religion. Angels are acknowledged in Christianity, Islam and Judaism and higher beings, albeit under another name, are known to other religions, for example Hinduism. Ascended Masters include such figures as Jesus, St Francis of Assisi, Lord Ganesh, Sai Baba and El Morya, deriving from a mixture of the world’s major religions and spiritual paths.

A channel is not someone who contacts spirits, or dabbles in the occult. They merely have a connection when in meditation to the higher realms, and can bring messages of comfort, hope and love from these light beings who see things from a higher perspective than we do. In my experience, they are usually humble people who stumble upon this gift and practice and share and listen to feedback until they are 100% sure they are receiving something beyond their own imaginations.

I would think psychics and mediums would also tell you something similar were you to ask them about their practice.

And at the end of the day, even if you have a reading, YOU choose whether or not to act upon the guidance, and YOU decide whether or not it resonates and rings with truth for you.

My personal belief is that there is nothing evil about requesting a reading; you are merely asking for help from your angels and guides, and the help that comes is gentle, non-intrusive, empowering and uplifting. Perhaps reading my truth will help some readers understand why people have spiritual readings, or decide whether readings are right for them.

So my view is that a reading is a spiritual tool for development and growth like any other, suitable for most. I would not recommend them for vulnerable individuals, including children, as they need to be read with a discerning heart and mind and an understanding that they are never a substitute for professional medical, financial or career advice – for this reason I do not read for young people under the age of 18.

However I respect the beliefs of others, too – everybody has their own truth, and it’s important that you express and stand by your own truth, the truth that resonates in your heart. If you are guided by your heart, you are likely to always be on the right path for you at any one time.


~ Copyright Silverla StMichael 2013 ~

Ascended Masters

The Ascended Masters are souls who have undertaken incarnations on earth, learning their lessons and evolving and growing as we do, and have now ascended into the higher dimensions permanently, guiding those on earth from above.

You can call upon them for help with specific matters, or general guidance. Sometimes, they may also call you, in dreams or through a string of synchronistic coincidences, especially if you have a strong spiritual mission to fulfil in this incarnation.

The Ascended Masters include some souls we know as saints, deities and spiritual leaders from a variety of different faiths. Whereas the Angels and Archangels are in service helping us with all our life dilemmas and concerns, the Ascended Masters are more focused on helping us grow as souls, spiritually.

Some of the well-known Ascended Masters include Jesus (known also as Sananda), Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, St Teresa of Avila, St Germain (believed also to have incarnated as Merlin), St Francis of Assisi, Lord Metatron, Lord Melchizadek, Padre Pio, Hilarion, Kuan Yin, Serapis Bey, Gautama Buddha, Maitreya, Zoroaster, Ganesha, Ra, Thoth and Hathor. You do not have to be religious to work with the Ascended Masters. They will act as guide to anyone who is open to their guidance.

If you are drawn to stained glass windows, they often depict the Ascended Masters and Archangels associated with Christian traditions. Keep listening and looking, because they can call to us in a great variety of ways.

Chapel at Little Moreton Hall, Congleton, Cheshire, showing Jesus and some of the Saints

Chapel at Little Moreton Hall, Congleton, Cheshire, showing Jesus and some of the Saints

I am interested in Ascended Masters now because I feel very drawn to, and in many ways a calling to, Jesus, at present – and not for the first time. There have been several points in my life at which I have dreamed about Jesus, and having had a Christian upbringing I was very drawn to stories about him as a child. Though I have explored the Pagan path, it is this calling that repeatedly brings me back to confusion over my faith path – though this time I would call it curiosity rather than confusion, and perhaps an acquiescence that it is ok to count myself as interfaith, on my own spiritual path.

This is part of the reason I slowed up on this blog, because I feel my energy withdrawing from magick somewhat, though I believe that was a powerful and important experience and lesson in my path.

I have since also worked with El Morya, the Ascended Master who is the Chohan – keeper – of the Blue Ray of Divine Will, a guide who often works with leaders and those in power on earth, and tries to steer those who will listen away from fear and towards love.

I’m sure there will be more to come on the Ascended Masters soon – eventually I may have enough knowledge and experience to include them in the Labyrinth of Lessons.

Do any of you feel a pull or calling towards one of the Ascended Masters? Have any of you had an Ascended Master experience?

~*~ Copyright Silverla StMichael 2013 ~*~


Hello Dear Readers!

Apologies for my recent writer’s block. This is a busy time of year for me in real life, and there is less time to indulge my spiritual quest.

However, the main reason I have been absent is an unexpected change of path, and this must lead to changes around my blog.

For a number of years now I have walked an Eclectic Pagan path. I have enjoyed, learned and been enriched through this. I have learned that magick is real, that we can indeed influence our destiny with conscious co-creation; I am still learning how to live in season, and how to truly absorb the healing and loving energies of nature, of our Mother Earth.

But still, something didn’t quite feel right for me. I have struggled for many years with one particular lesson: how to relinquish control. In the Law of Attraction, there is a key stage in manifestation that I never quite mastered – LETTING GO. Despite using the mantra “Let go, let God”; despite trying every which way I might to trust the universe to deliver my wishes in the right way for my highest good; I still found myself stressing out repeatedly about the hows, whens, whys and wherefores of manifesting my needs, goals and heart’s desires. With the effect that things would manifest, but usually in a slightly different way, with added complications or obstacles, than I had intended.

I have always wanted my path to be one of service, one of love. An angelic path to go with an angelic heart. A mystical path to go with a mystical mind.

I think my problem was feeling I had to label it.

I have been helped to overcome this problem by the greatest teacher to have walked the earth: Christ. Days before I was due to attend a BSSK Mind, Body and Spirit event in April, he came to me in a dream. I have dreamed about Jesus before, but not for some time. I resonated closely with the energy of Jesus during my Christian upbringing. In the dream, he appeared angry at first – perhaps angry is not the right word, perhaps more confused or frustrated at my choices, for he was still exuding kindness and understanding and above all love – he is of course a being of the purest love. He spoke to me, though I didn’t remember the words upon waking. It touched me deeply. At the BSSK event, I attended a workshop devoted to awakening the higher heart chakra, in which we worked with none other than Jesus. During the meditation, I saw him approach before the workshop leader brought him in. He placed one hand on my third eye and the other on my crown; meantime I felt Archangel Michael, my constant protector and guide, place calming hands on my shoulders, wings around them touching my heart. They were healing me – freeing me of this need to control. Putting the final piece in place in that jigsaw and completing that lesson. After the workshop I also felt drawn to purchase a Christ aura spray, which I have been working with ever since. Even the lady at the stall saw my aura after using the spray and commented that I had found what I needed right now.

Three linked events, to me, is not a coincidence: it’s a sign. It took weeks for me to assimilate the lesson and the healing. I knew that Paganism was no longer the right path for me – not in isolation. Neither was Christianity – of course, I had already found that, years ago. I had been attracted for some time to interfaith webpages and communities and my realisation has been that I am on my own spiritual path, interfaith in every way, seeing beauty and wisdom in all faiths and no faiths. The higher beings – angels, guides and ascended masters – do not see division of faith. They see only faith. They do not see right paths or wrong paths. They see only paths. They see from a higher perspective – one of pure love. In reality, there is only one’s own path. There is only one’s own truth. There is only love. And our paths spiral inwards, like a labyrinth, from our outer learning to our inner soul – our link while incarnate to our higher self. For some, one particular path is right for their soul’s learning; for others, it is right to explore the path of atheism and complete self-sufficiency; for others still, the path is personal and assimilates learning from many sources.

Since these events, I have felt peace and love like I have never known. I have had the energy to be more of service than ever. I have felt closer to the angels, and awakened a connection with the Ascended Masters – those souls such as Jesus who have ascended from earthly existence and now act as heavenly guides to those still on earth. While I wouldn’t say I have no stress, I certainly have an assurance that all will come right in the end, and that I can indeed trust. I can indeed let go.

I have focused my energies into the Spiritual Solace FB page during this time, and now I feel I can come back here and resume writing.

Of course, this  blog needs to grow and evolve along with its author, hence the name and energy change.

I will continue to update the Season by Season section, but incorporating more than just Pagan festivals. The posts will now be about a much wider journey, and may still include magical inspirations, but also meditations, prayers, mystical experience. I will start up the Archangel and Crystal additions when I have time. I have re-named the Pages section as “A Labyrinth of Lessons”. They are different than the posts I make out here. The posts are more about sharing the journey, sharing experience, and sharing spiritual tools that may help others find solace, magick, power and peace. The pages are crystallised chunks of my learning from years of experience – free lessons to all readers who may need them.

Angel blessings to all of you!

Silverla. Xxx.

Waiting for spring to…well, spring!

Yes, all has been pretty quiet at The Magical Muse, partly because I have been focusing my energies on my Facebook page and leading up to my first online angel workshop which will be held in late April / early May, but partly because much of the magickal work I feel inspired to do is linked in with the turning of the seasons. And at the moment, here in the UK, we have a lingering winter complete with mock (or mocking) snow showers and mini-blizzards, with the odd appearance of the sun streaking through the clouds – but we are yet awaiting the milder weather and the first signs of spring.

I have created pages about Spring and Ostara magick, but have no bank of photographs for this time of year and will have to add throughout the season this year!

Also soon to come on The Magical Muse:

- Creating a crystal divination set

- My Ostara celebrations 2013

- Musings on honouring the Esbats

- More crystals and a new archangel each month

The Spring Equinox / Ostara falls on March 20 this year, 11:02am GMT. At this time in the Southern Hemisphere, the Autumn Equinox / Mabon occurs. Easter Day, for those who celebrate on this day or as well, falls on March 31st.

You should have already “sprung forward” setting your clocks 1 hour ahead if you are in the USA or Canada! Here in the UK, we spring forward overnight on March 31st – officially by setting the clocks 1 hour forward at 1am GMT.

Bright spring blessings everyone! Excitedly anticipating seeing the flowers and trees back in bloom and eating more chocolate than I would normally deem decent over the Easter / Ostara season.

Angel Attunement

I haven’t produced a lot of writing for The Magical Muse recently, namely because I’ve been more preoccupied with my Facebook page and with doing the angels’ work. I am preparing to run my first online workshop, which will be completely free and held in the Spiritual Solace Learning Space (you can register here), on angel attunement. The precursor to participation in this workshop is a basic understanding of what angels are, and how we know they exist, for which purpose I have written the following article.

What is an angel?

An angel is essentially a column of light, but it is a sentient being in its own right. An angel is a living force which holds a particular vibration – for example, there are peace angels, love angels, healing angels, prayer angels, protection angels; angels for every purpose you can think of and more. The classical depictions of angels show wings, harps and halos but this is not necessarily true – the perception of wings could be due to the way angels travel since they can literally fly, glide or move however they choose; the halos probably derive from the strong and vibrant aura of an angel extending out from its core being. Angels are shape-shifters as they exist outside of our third-dimensional physical reality. While they are essentially columns of light, if they wish to appear to a human, they will often appear in the way that will be most familiar, most comfortable and comforting to that particular individual. If their frame of reference is the classical winged being an angel is likely to appear thus. If the angel knows that the person would baulk or panic at seeing a classical winged being, they may instead appear as an animal or fellow human. If the angel sees that the person has a high level of understanding of angels it may appear, indeed, as a column of light, though it would likely dim it and appear smaller than it truly is, because the size and magnitude of an angel’s energy is, I believe, beyond our understanding. They can also appear as orbs, and this is especially likely if you have seen a coloured orb, for as we all know, orbs can also be caused by light anomalies, specks of dust and small insects.

An angel is in service. Its evolutionary path is dependent on the service it provides to its fellow sentient beings. The main “charges” of the angels are us humans. They act as our guides, our friends, our co-creators, our helpers, our teachers, our healers, and our protectors. Angels are God’s messengers, whether you call God “Source”, “Universe”, or some other name; they derive from the creative force, and take their directives straight from it. They are able to intervene in crisis situations where there is a matter of life or death and it is not our time to leave this incarnation. Otherwise, they must respect our free will and wait for our permission to intervene, but they are always listening for that call. Angels of the different legions also join forces in order to become a sort of “super-angel” if you will – a person’s guardian angel, holding all the vibrations of the lessons that person is to learn in their lifetime. Your guardian angel walks with you from birth to death and beyond, helping you debrief from the incarnation and work out the details of the next, and reuniting you with your loved ones in heaven, before its contract with you ends; it may follow you through a number of incarnations if you are still learning the same lessons.

How do we know angels exist?

The only way to know for sure in your own heart, granted, is experiential. Until you have an angel encounter yourself which leaves you in no doubt for whatever reason, you are bound to be skeptical. This encounter may come in the form of a sighting, but remember sightings are not always when you are awake – angels and spirits from other dimensions often find it easier to reach us on the astral planes, in our dreams. However it can also come in myriads of other ways. It can come in the form of an angel reading which is bang on the nail and which, when you follow the guidance given, transforms your life. It can come in the form of asking the angels for help with something and receiving that help faster than you could ever imagine. It can come in the form of a sense of peace and calm you have never experienced before. There are countless ways to experience angels and come to a knowing that they are very real indeed.

In the meantime, there is a lot of evidence out there to peruse which may buoy your faith enough to keep your vibration raised to the level where you would begin to encounter angels yourself. There are anthology books of true-life angel encounters, stories in magazines. The testimonies and writings of people who have seen with their own eyes, heard with their own ears, or sensed with every atom of their being are many and varied. Angels are mentioned in the Bible, the Qu’ran, and the Torah – and beings akin to angels in numerous other sacred and religious texts. They do not belong to any one religion – they are a common experience across all of mankind, and this speaks volumes in itself. Modern science is now uncovering the energetic realities of our universe – the science of the unseen. We know there are forces and energies which are invisible, but very real. It is not fantastical, unrealistic or mere whimsy to believe in angels; thousands do, and benefit from their help at least once in their lives.

What about archangels?

According to angelology and the canon of angel literature there are numerous “tiers” of angels, sometimes known as the angelic hierarchy, which all fulfil slightly different purposes within the remit of being an angel. Angels and archangels are those two tiers closest to mankind. Archangels are vaster than angels, and omnipresent, which means they can be in thousands of different locations simultaneously, helping many thousands of people at any one moment in time. You can think of an archangel as a master column of light for each vibration – so there is one for peace (Uriel), one for love (Chamuel), one for healing (Raphael), one for prayer (Sandalphon), one for protection (Michael) and so on. The smaller angels cluster around and, if you like, break off from these powerhouses of love and light energy to work with humans as directed by the archangels and by God. While archangels are a “step up” from angels, if you like, they can actually be easier to contact, easier to ask for help and easier to engage with – in part this is because we have a definite name and identity for each of them. They are less of a mystery and more of a known quantity. Man has encountered these archangels in history as is documented in the Bible and other religious texts. In modern times, mystics are contacting and discovering more archangels who have become discernible to humankind as we move towards fourth and fifth dimensionality here on earth.

In addition to angels and archangels, the other traditional “choirs” of angels as described by Christian literature include principalities (who look after nations and continents), powers (overseers of history and the foundation of world religions), virtues (the miracle angels), dominions (who intervene when those in power on earth take the wrong path), thrones (who hold positive energy for all of creation), cherubim (who hold universal wisdom and knowledge and the vibration of light itself) and seraphim (the angels of God’s grace who praise God and creation continually). And why are they known as “choirs” of angels? Angels do sing. I have heard it myself at the dawning of the day – one of the times on earth when the veil is thinner. I’m not the first human to have heard it, and I won’t be the last. I believe the ability to hear it comes to those who have a call to work with angels in their lifetime – which I believe are a lot more people than many would think. Some archangels are also thought to have a place in these higher “choirs” – for example, Archangel Michael is thought to be one of the seraphim and so infinite that he can play both roles simultaneously; Archangel Raphael has been claimed as one of the cherubim for his force of healing is so high-vibrational; Archangel Gabriel is without doubt, evidenced by his pedigree working with Mother Mary in the Bible and also appearing in the Qu’ran (as Jib’ril), one of the miracle angels, the virtues.

If angels exist, why can’t everybody see or hear them?

Angels are beings of the seventh dimension. We, until quite recently, have existed in the third dimension here on earth. The word “dimension” relates to a certain level of vibration. The lower dimensions are heavier and denser. Travelling up through the dimensions, they become lighter and less tangible to those living in lower vibrations. Science has proved that the universe is essentially made up of vibrations. Because humans have essentially been third dimension creatures throughout modern history, they are not a vibrational “match” with angels – not even with spirits (passed over human souls) of the fourth and fifth dimensions. When we are entrenched in mundane matters, or in tiredness, confusion, feeling lost, feeling scared, feeling separate from the Divine, we are unlikely to perceive such beings. However it is possible for beings of different vibrations to meet in the middle. The angels can take measures to draw closer to us, and we can take measures to draw closer to them. Raising your vibration essentially means focusing your whole being on spiritual matters, leaving behind you the weight of physical reality. We do this when we spend time in nature, becoming one with creation, and this includes bringing nature into our homes in the form of house plants and pets we love and tend. We do this when we pray, when we call to the angels, when we worship the Divine, when we commit to daily devotions or acts of deep self-care such as yoga and meditation. We do this when we read inspirational material or engage in creative pursuits, lifting our hearts and souls out of our bodies to some extent, or transcending the third dimension. Crystals can help, angel ornaments can help, incense or smudge can help, instrumental music can help, lighting candles can help: all of these things help to set an altered mood, invoke the sacred and anchor a little bit of the higher dimensions within our reality.

Through the energy shifts of which 21.12.12 was such an integral date, our earth is entering into fourth dimensionality and headed for the fifth. At this time, humans are becoming able to be closer to the angels than ever before. Those who had already seen angels before may be able to take this to the next level now – for example, if you have seen them in dreams it may now be possible to see them with the naked eye. To take advantage of this change in the earth’s energy is really quite simple – think angelic! Think about angels, think about being in service, be as angelic as you can hope to be yourself, read about angels, ask angels for help regularly, consciously act as an anchor of light which builds light bridges in all directions for angels to walk upon. Forgive and fear not, in the words of Archangel Michael who directs me as I write this piece. Forgiving and releasing any fear of seeing angels or spirits is an absolute key. You need not be afraid. Those who seek to work with angels are protected by Archangel Michael by virtue of their pure intentions; as long as you have this protection, you will not come to any harm. Because of these energy shifts it is an absolutely optimal time to take angel workshops and courses so that you, too, may begin a journey which may culminate in you knowing the truth of the angels’ existence in your heart.

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael, March 2013 ~

Ten Magickal Uses For Crystals

Some questions from a friend today inspired me to write about magickal uses for crystals, to complement the Crystal Compendium pages. The following uses for crystals are suitable even if you are just starting out on your crystal journey. Crystals can enhance all manner of magickal workings as well as promoting healing, wellbeing and luck in a myriad of different life areas.

1. Crystals can be placed on your spiritual altar. This is simply a space in your home where you collect spiritual, meaningful objects to add power to your prayer and manifestations and raise the vibrations in your home. You may have a traditional Pagan or spiritual altar, an angel corner, a peace corner, a shrine, or simply a collection of natural objects and mementos you love. As crystals are transmitters and amplifiers for universal energies, they instantly raise the vibration of this area, attracting angels and higher beings, and helping you in your psychic, spiritual or prayer work. Clusters and shaped crystals may work best for this. If in doubt which crystal to include, you may wish to consider Amethyst which is a master healer, tool for spiritual development and protector all in one.

Mini love altar with hearts, barite stone rose, desert rose, rose quartz angel, rose quartz pyramid diffuser, cobalto calcite and carnelian.

2. Crystals can be combined together to enhance a specific area of your life. For example, let’s say you would like to boost the love and romance in your life, attract a partner or bring harmony to a relationship. You could collect crystals related to love – rose quartz, morganite, strawberry quartz, rhodonite, smithsonite, stilbite, fuschite, cobalto calcite, aventurine, emerald, dioptase, chrysoprase, watermelon tourmaline, barite stone roses. You can keep them in a box in your bedroom or on your altar, or carry them with you in a pouch. You can combine them with hearts, roses, anything else that represents love to you. For spiritual development, replace with amethyst, lepidolite, sugilite, charoite, atlantisite, labradorite, clear quartz, selenite, danburite, seraphinite, azeztulite, moldavite, phenacite. For abundance, replace with gold or red tiger’s eye, pyrite, citrine.

A group of crystals for angelic connection and lucid dreaming – from middle left, siberian blue quartz, lapis lazuli, sodalite, larimar, aquamarine, turquoise, celestite, angelite and blue lace agate with blue kyanite in the centre.

3. Crystals can be used for psychic or energetic protection. Certain crystals work better than others for this purpose. Amethyst can be placed near any electrical equipment to neutralise any negative energetic effects – or in any room of the house for general psychic protection – particularly useful in rooms where people sleep or meditate. Clear quartz or amethyst points can be arranged in a grid, pointing inwards in each corner of a room or at the outer corners of your whole home. Carrying a small piece of clear quartz, amethyst, pyrite or moldavite gives protection to the aura or energy field. Black obsidian and black tourmaline repel negative energy away from yourself.

My beautiful amethyst cluster is a constant feature on my spiritual altar, exuding protection but also cleansing and charging my other crystals and jewellery (the crystal resting on it here is book lepidolite).

4. Crystals can be programmed with your wishes. A few words of caution with this one, however. Firstly, you either need to use clear quartz – the blank canvas – or a crystal whose default programme matches your wish (for example rose quartz for a wish related to love, citrine for a wish related to money or success, angelite or celestite for a wish to connect with your angels). Secondly, you need to make sure your wish is made with pure intentions and is not meant to harm or compromise the free will of anyone else. If in doubt, use clear quartz and end all wishes by saying “This or something better now manifests for the highest good of all concerned.” Simply hold the crystal to your heart and repeat your wish silently or aloud until you feel it has taken on the programme. You may feel it radiating warmth, see a spark or light within it, or simply know by intuition. Seven repeats will usually be sufficient.

5. Crystals can be used for divination. You can either place your tumblestones in a pouch, noting down their key properties so you remember the “message” each one carries, or use a crystal pendulum. If preparing a set of divination tumblestones, programme them for divination first (see above). I will make a separate post soon about options for making up a crystal divination pouch but generally speaking try to collect crystals in a multitude of colours as each colour will relate to a different area of life, and add to the meaning. “Basic” tumblestones would probably work best for this. Close your eyes and choose stones by feel or intuition, then contemplate their messages. With a crystal pendulum, first work with it asking it to show you a yes, show you a no, and show you a maybe/undecided. Then you can use it to answer yes/no questions. I find that crystal pendulums have around a 75% accuracy rate, unfortunately, because sometimes they seem to reflect your own thoughts/wishes rather than the genuine answer – especially when you want something very, very badly.

6. Crystals can be used to help you enhance certain qualities. For example, you have a job interview lined up and you need a confidence boost. Carrying a stone of success, courage, luck or confidence – such as red tiger’s eye, garnet, citrine or carnelian respectively – should give you that energetic boost. Or you’re feeling depressed and low on energy. Carrying a joyful, uplifting, energy boosting stone such as citrine could help. You’re going on a date and you want to appear attractive and loving – fuschite, cobalto calcite, rose quartz or watermelon tourmaline could help. Or you want to strengthen your connection with angels and hear their guidance more. Angelite, celestite, blue lace agate, danburite, selenite, sugilite or apophyllite could help. For general luck, gold tiger’s eye, citrine, pyrite, serpentine and jade are handy!

7. Crystals can boost the healing and relaxing effects of a bath. Never use water soluble (most of the -ite crystals) crystals for this! Clear quartz or amethyst are the ideal as they are master healers. Place the crystal in the bathtub before you run it. Try visualising the crystal’s energies rippling throughout the cleansing water for added effect – or actually watch the crystal and seeing if you can perceive anything with your physical eyes. Once the bath is run, remove the crystal (then you don’t accidentally sit on it – ouch!) – it will have transferred its energies to your bath water and you can literally soak them up. You could add a suitable essential oil (do not do this for a child’s bath or for a pregnant woman) or have the bath by candlelight for even deeper relaxation.

I was a temporary earth-keeper for this magnificent A-grade piece of chrysoprase. After it healed my heart I knew it was destined for a person who had changed my life. I charged it with moonlight, sunlight, storm energy and my own energy before gifting it to them.

8. Crystals can be given as magickal gifts. Especially useful if you have a friend who’s interested in crystals, spirituality, angels, witchcraft or magick – or if you have one of those friends who seems to have absolutely everything already! You could pick out a crystal purely for its beauty and decorative effect – clusters, cathedrals, candleholders, shaped crystals and gem trees are perfect for this – or a crystal which has a property you know that person could use, and include with it a note to explain why you have chosen it specifically for them. If they’re interested in witchcraft or magick you may even want to include a print-off of this list!

9. Crystals can develop your psychic or spiritual gifts. This is most effective if you sit in meditation with the crystal. It can be more effective if you programme the crystal for meditation first (see above). All you need for this is some quiet time when you won’t be disturbed and to hold the crystal in your receiving hand, which is the opposite to your writing hand. Have a notepad and pen and a glass of water to hand. You can even ask the crystal to help you hone a specific gift. Any crystal can potentially raise your vibration, but some specific crystals are better than others. For spiritual development and Divine connection, try amethyst, lepidolite, sugilite, charoite or clear quartz. For psychic skills – telepathy, psychometry, the “clairs” – try amethyst, labradorite or lapis lazuli. To develop channelling, try selenite, apophyllite or azeztulite. For angelic connection, try angelite, blue lace agate, celestite, seraphinite or danburite.

My beautiful and mischievous selenite shard is perfect for spiritual development in terms of angelic connection, past life explorations and lucid dreaming and also exemplifies a great scrying tool.

10. Crystals can be used for scrying. Scrying is a form of divination in which you gaze into an object or substance to see if images, pictures or symbols form before your eyes that may give you insight into influences currently at work. Crystal spheres work best for this, but you can also use any crystal with large flat surfaces, such as a pyramid, point, obelisk or cathedral. Alternatively, clusters, geodes and dragon’s eggs (which are geodes inside but often have a transparent smooth surface) can work well. The translucent crystals with inclusions, striations, layers, cloudy areas etc inside work best. Clear quartz is wonderful for it. I have a clear quartz diffuser with a central sphere in which I have seen an angel, a dragon and a unicorn. Scrying is one of those skills I believe you need to practice for some time in order to fully understand what you’re seeing, but it’s fun having a go – just don’t take it too seriously while just learning!

Crystals MUST be cleansed before and after every use. This is especially important when you have given them a specific programme for a time. For crystals that do not end in -ite, water cleansing is usually the most convenient way under a running tap. Alternatives include smoke cleansing (smudging them in incense or smudge smoke), sound cleansing (sounding a bell, ting-sha, gong or singing bowl beside or over them), fire cleansing (placing them in a grid of four t-lites, but remember fire safety first), or crystal cleansing (placing them on an amethyst bed). Amethyst, citrine and clear quartz are self-cleansing but personally I would still cleanse them after a programming.

It is a good idea to dedicate crystals when you first become their earth keeper, which ensures that any negative programmes or traumas they have encountered are fully clear before you use them. All you need to is hold the crystal and say “I now dedicate this crystal to the highest good and fill it with my love, light and compassion” – feel free to change or add words that resonate with you. It is also a good idea to charge them periodically – I do this by placing them out on a windowsill on the night of a full moon or, even better, during a lightning storm.

If you have questions about any of the above uses for crystals do feel welcome to add a comment here or visit my Facebook page, Spiritual Solace, and post your question. I will answer them as soon and as fully as I can. Have fun with your crystals – and I would be very interested to hear if, during your experimentations and explorations, you discover any extensions of these ideas or new magickal games that crystals can play!

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael, February 2013 ~

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